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Annual Reports

Journey through our encounters, challenges, failures, success stories and discoveries via our uncompromisingly developed annual reports.


2017 1BA Annual Report

"Our job is to do what seems to be impossible so that others will know it is possible." - Erica Asante, 1BA Global Advisor. Every sustainably achieved height has its foundations to give thanks to. Before real change is created, the ones leading it have to be willing to go down, roll up sleeves and grow some roots. This mindset is engraved in our culture at 1BA and considered an important organizational value. 2017 reflected this. 5 projects were run, serveral advocacies were done and support services provided.

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2016 1BA Annual Report

“Inspired people find a way, they set the goal, they set the intention, and then they figure it out as they go.” Gordon Tredgold, 1BA Global Advisor.

The team began the year with the aim of growing its impact, increasing its reach, securing more partners and working harder to build internal systems and structures. This year, we revisited the 1BA drawing board to review and analyze our actions thus far, to shape our decisions moving forward. Internally, we focused on organizational structure, clarity of vision, team management, internal systems, and controls – elements that form the basis of a stronger foundation. And of course, we run some inspiring projects and activities.

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2015 1BA Annual Report

"The 1BA team exhibits accountability and transparency and thus have set professional standards for their work." Nora Agyeman, 1BA Global Advisor.

The excitement of visiting communities to turn problems into projects, the readiness to visit platforms to advocate turning problems into projects and the inspiring stories of youth change agents who heeded to the vision and turned a problem in their community into a project deepened our conviction as a team. Someone said rightly if it must be done, it must be done well. We thus searched alongside many impactful activities what will keep us on the right path as a nonprofit of high standards. What would make us an inspiring example?

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