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Who We Are

Most people see a billion problems in Africa. We see a billion solutions, opportunities and ways to create change on the African continent.

Imagine the magnitude of impact if the 1billion people in Africa decide to identify a problem each on the continent and turn it into a project! Our vision as a movement is to help transform Africa, by mobilizing, inspiring and empowering a new generation of problem solvers on the continent.

Prince Adu-AppiahFounder & CEO

Mission, Vision & Values

1Billion Africa (1BA) is a non-profit organization established in Accra, Ghana in 2013 with a core objective to empower Africa’s youth to find problems within their communities to turn into social impact and business projects.

Mission: To implement and inspire sustainable projects in Africa.
Vision: To see problems turned into sustainable projects in communities in Africa to enhance livelihoods.

Values: Service, Trust, Vision, Passion, Innovation, and Unity.

1BA Culture

1BA maintains its problem-solving culture and attitude everywhere. Whether you speak to a 1BA exec, a volunteer, whether you join a 1BA meeting, project, office, or visit our online platforms, one thing is common – we are problem solvers, we discuss, do, sing, eat, and dream problem solving, in Africa. This culture is in the mind – the subconscious of all associated with 1BA and forms the organization and its members’ attitudes. One thing we do not do is neither blame nor point fingers to shift responsibility. We just think it, and if we agree to do it, we #justdoit!

A friendly environment of we’re-all-leaders exists in 1BA. The culture of trusting team members’ discretion at decision making is defined, and the spirit of belief in each other is respected.

One question infinitely lingers on in our minds – what can be done about this problem? And one answer chants in response – turn it into a project! – How we find new projects!

Team members
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